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Why I don’t cook with Vikings. 

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Lord of the Lost - La Bomba

Okay, click play because this is the best! They are in suits for one UNF! And for another, Gared is so beautiful in this that it hurts me!

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Trying to write a fanfic


Someone saying they love it on the first chapter 


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This is a Tumblr Cloud I generated from my blog posts between Dec 2010 and Mar 2014 containing my top 20 used words.

Top 5 blogs I reblogged the most:


"He was fond of strolling in fields of wild oats and blue-bells, and paid almost as much attention to the clouds as to passing events.”

This fucking girl. Like really, look at this. I’m gonna marry her. She, Hisoka (HxH) and I are going to be a happy family.

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Inaugurated! Now you can check my best works (just a bunch for the moment, I have chosen the ones I consider the very best of mines), more info about me just with easier!

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End of the stream!

Since I’ve drawn Ctenophorae before, this time I wanted to show her more humanized (that’s like one of the things I most like to do, you can guess) Hope you like, slug! (I’m maybe saving the psd file for a colored version in the future I DON’T KNOW eve)

And testing some new brushes for photoshop, yes!

If you want to download these pencil brushes here are the links 1 | 2 

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When I work I usually put my hair in a messy bun.


Most times I’m not wearing any make up, but I am always a feathered container full of nonsense actings.



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